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Welcome to my global website to the topic "diving"..

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Since 1984 I have been into scuba diving and
since 1985 as Fredi alias D'Artagnan
member of the diving club "TAUCHCLUB AUSTRIA" (TCA).



Via my home page you can find information about the TCA regarding:

  • Performances
  • Education
  • Contacts
  • Addresses
  • Important phone numbers for divers
  • Essential appointments
  • Dive up to us, we'll dive under with you.
  • Moreover ...


    My two great loves are Scuba Diving & Travelling. Since 1984 it's fair to say my preference is for diving journeys, safaris and adventure trips (for the most part in south eastern countries) . Because of my travel experience of some years and worldwide acquaintances I am able to arrange various information and accommodation addresses for individual travellers (of course non-committal and without guarantee).
    Now, when you are looking for non-committal tips, information, contacts or addresses in various countries then please send me an e-mail with questions to one of the following topics

  • The north of Australia (Kakadu)
  • The west of Australia
  • The east coast of Australia (Great Barrier Reef)
  • The red center of Australia
  • The south of Australia
  • Around Australia
  • Tasmania
  • New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinea - Information on Fredi's PNG web site
  • Sumatra (Indonesia)
  • Kalimantan (Indonesian part of Borneo)
  • Moluccas (Indonesia)
  • Sulawesi (Indonesia)
  • Bali (Indonesia)
  • Fernando de Noronha (Island of Brazil)
  • Amazonas (Brazil) - Information on Fredi's Brazil web site
  • Sri Lanka
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Phuket (Thailand)
  • If you don't have easy access to e-mail, then simply write to me.
    If you are looking for additional information about  journeys, tips especially about other countries and destinations then perhaps visit me/us during a comfortable club night of the TCA. You will be made most welcome.

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