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we'll dive under with you.

The TCA is one of the greatest diving clubs of Austria and it exists since 1956.
With its experiences the TCA formed the base for many diving clubs of Vienna and there superordinated unions. Also the "Tauchsportverband Österreichs" and the "Landestauchverband Wien" were initiatives of TCA members.
The TCA is member of:

  • CMAS ... Confèdèration mondiale des activitès subaquatiques

  • TSVÖ ... Tauchsportverband Österreich's

  • LTVW ... Landestauchverband Wien
  • ASKÖ ... Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sport und Körperkultur
  • The TCA is interdenominational and nonpartisan.

    CLUB NIGHT every second monday at approximate 7:30pm.

    Our performances


    Our club has an own club property at the Neufeldersee with free usage of the lake, club mobile, cooking facilities, sanitary facilities (shower, toilet), tanks, regulators, air compressor, tent and parking lot.


    Every 14 days there are lectures evenings in our comfortable club bar. At this time everybody has the possibility to demonstrate dias, videos and cine-films. At that time you are spoiled with little foods and drinks at our club bar.


    During the time of dancing the club organizes its traditional diving ball in a big manner. Additional there are "Krampuskränzchen", christmas celebrations with sinking of a christmas tree, children competitions, summer firm and "Spanferkelessen" every year.


    Every saturday between 7:30pm and 9:00pm all members have the possibility to train in the indoor swimming pool of "Floridsdorf". (Attention, admission control is between 7:30pm and 7:45pm only!). At that time the pool is reserved for us divers only and therefore we can train with fully equipment.
    Between 6:00pm and 7:30pm the club children have the possibility to train with our youth attendants.


    5 times in the year every member gets freely a club internal newspaper in which the member is able to publish its travel stories, informations, wishes (looking for, for sale), etc. Our library contains both books from the beginnings of the diving time and latest diving magazines.


    Because of the membership at the associations there is the possibility to earn various performance badges and to take part for educations, courses, seminars and competitions.


    Via TCA and a TSVÖ diving teacher (a teacher checked by the state) it is possible to earn an international diver certification according to CMAS rules.
    Our supply: Sniffing diving ("Schnuppertauchen")

    Performance badges

    	for swimming with fins and diving of long distances

    Executive board and contacts

    President:			Eddi Heusler
    phone:				0660 811 3576
    Vice-president:			Robert Tscheitschonig
    phone:				0676 302 0062
    1st Cashier:			Philipp Kainz
    phone:				263 53 93, 0699 1103 3064
    2nd Cashier:			Christian Lörincz
    phone:				0699 1048 4260
    1st Secretary:			Werner Schmidt
    phone:				94 74 486, 0664 493 0408
    2nd Secretary:			Rudi Bauer
    phone:				495 46 03
    Equipment guard Vienna:		Walter Nadeje
    phone:				0676 672 6177
    Groundsman club property:	Robert Tscheitschonig
    phone:				0676 302 0062
    Education leader:		Walter Nadeje
    phone:				0676 672 6177
    Youth attendants:		Walter Nadeje
    phone:				0676 672 6177
    Long-standing member:		Fredi (D'Artagnan)
    phone:				02249/4707



    Rescue		144
    Police		133
    Fire department	122
    Decompression room Graz
    		0316 385 2205
    		0316 385 2795
    Decompression room Munich
    		0049 89 40 66 55
    		0049 89 41 76 050
    Dr. Abu-Dayeh	02688 72293
    		02688 72220
    Flight rescue service
    Linz		07221 63737
    Salzburg	 0662 1777
    Hohenems	05576 72011
    Flight headquaters Vienne
    		01 815 35 11-0


    Gudrunstrasse 21 (in the court on the left)
    A-1100 Vienna
    Tel. (01) 604 18 26
    Fax (01) 974 32 14

    Banking connection:
    Bank Austria, BLZ. 20151
    Kto: 697 339 000

    Weekendsiedlung Strasse 1/63
    A-2340 Ebenfurt

    Franklinstrasse 22
    A-1210 Vienna
    (indoor swimming pool of Floridsdorf)

    The president


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