Flag of Brazil

For hundreds of years, Brazil has symbolized the great escape into a primordial, tropical paradise, igniting the Western imagination like no other South American country.

From the mad passion of Carnaval to the immensity of the dark Amazon, Brazil is a country of mythic proportions. All the while, the people of Brazil delight visitors with their energy, fantasy and joy.

Full country name: República Federativa do Brazil
Area: 8,547,403 sq km (3,300,155 sq mi)
Population: 172 million
Capital city: Brasília
People: 55% European descent, 38% mulatto, 6% African descent (according to the 1980 census). In reality, these figures are skewed by whiteness being equated with social stature in Brazil.
Language: Portuguese
Religion: 70% Roman Catholic; also a significant proportion who either belong to various cults or practice Indian animism
Government: Federal republic
President: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
Major industries:Textiles, shoes, chemicals, lumber, iron ore, tin, steel, motor vehicles and parts, arms, soya beans, orange juice, beef, chicken, coffee, sugar
Major trading partners: EU, Central and South America, Asia, USA


Brazil 2003
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Fernando de Noronha Island (Pernambuco):
 Fernando de Noronha - Pernambuco  Fernando de Noronha - Pernambuco
Belem (Pará):
 Belem - Pará  Belem - Pará
 Belem - Pará / Fred, Herbert, Franz  Belem - Pará / Fred with spider
Fortaleza (Ceará):
 Fortaleza - Ceará  Fortaleza - Ceará
Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro):
 Rio de Janeiro / The Statue of Christ at the hill of Corcovado  Rio de Janeiro / Franz, Herbert, Fred in the Maracanã Stadium
 Rio de Janeiro / Sugarloaf  Rio de Janeiro / Copacabana
 Rio de Janeiro / At the beach of Copacabana  Rio de Janeiro / At the beach of Copacabana


Manaus (Amazonas):
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