li01.JPG (10689 Byte)After a 1:30 hour flight from Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, you reach Kavieng. Situated only 2 degree south of the equator, on the north-western end of the island of New Ireland, you find yourself in a small, laid-back town.  Often referred to as a typical "Somerset Maugham" South Pacific island setting, you are now right between two crystal clear oceans: the South Pacific in the north and the Bismarck Sea in the south.

Although, this area was not always so peaceful. During World War II Kavieng was occupied by Japanese troops and finally freed by allied forces in 1944. A few wrecks from this time still remember us.
But the real attraction of the waters around Kavieng is the fish life. Come along with us and we show you more....


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Lissenung Island

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Located about 15 minutes by boat out of Kavieng, you are now on  a small private island with coconut palms and a beautiful white sand beach.  You can easily circumnavigate the whole island in 10-15 minutes.

On the island are 2 bungalows, each with 2 double rooms. Every room has fly screens and mosquito nets.  Toilets and shower facilities are a short walk from the bungalows.







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The fully licensed restaurant offers a wide range of local seafood and international meals.





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The generator is running from 7 am until 11 pm.  Also on the island is a fully equipped dive shop: two compressors (2 x 260 l/min), 20 aluminium tanks (80 cu.ft, INT valve) and 10 full sets of rental equipment.

A full range of PADI dive courses is available.




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The dive boat is a 24 ft fibre glass boat with twin 60 HP outboard engines.  With a small cabin and a canopy, equipment boxes, tank racks and a ladder it is perfectly designed for diving.
A DAN oxygen unit for emergency is also on board.
This boat is comfortable for 6 divers. For bigger groups a second boat will be used as well.


Lissenung Diving is a DAN sponsor and a supporter of the Port Moresby decompression chamber.


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The Diving

Daily trips to the outer reefs, drop offs and wrecks with a maximum of 3 dives per day are offered. Start is usually at 9 am with surface intervals of at least one hour. This gives you enough time in the afternoon to relax on the island or for doing a shore dive at Lissenung. (For divers staying at Lissenung, we offer unlimited shorediving during the day FOC!) If you stay in one of the hotels in Kavieng, you are picked up every day FOC.

Water temperature is the whole year about 29C and the underwater visibility is at most dives between 30 and 40 meters. New Ireland is known for the pelagic fish action, but you need currents for attracting big fish. This type of diving is sometimes a bit difficult because of the strong currents (no drift dives!). Our staff will show you the easiest and safest way to dive here and once you've made it, you will earn the reward with world class diving.


Lissenung Island Reef: Surrounding about 2/3 of Lissenung Island, this reef is an ideal spot for macro photography and for night-diving. You may encounter Seahorse, anemones with Clownfish, Crocodilefish and hundreds of other species. Off the island is also the wreck of a yacht, which was sunk several years ago.

Echuca Patch: This is a large ridge rising from 45 m to within 12 m of the surface and lying in the open water about 20 minutes from the resort. A Korean fishing boat, the "Der Yang", lies on its starboard side on top of this ridge. This point is a magnet for Barracudas and Jacks.

Albatross Channel: A narrow channel between two islands, 25 minutes from Lissenung, this passage sucks pelagic and reef fish between and into its narrow flanks twice a day as the tide rushes in and out. Eagle rays, Mantas, Tunas, Barracudas and reef sharks can be seen. But not only big fish are here. Overgrown with big fans, black corals and sponges, this wall is a perfect hiding place for small critters like nudibranchs and the Pygmy Seahorse.

Stubborn Hellion: This is an American B 25 Bomber (Mitchell Bomber), which was shot down in 1944 by the Japanese army during the battle around Kavieng. This plane sits in 12 m of water, half way between Lissenung Island and Albatross Channel.

Baudisson Bay: A vertical wall rising from 400 m up to the surface with several swim-throughs and crevices. Some people call it "Nudibranch city", and a large family of Lionfish is also living here.

Peter's Patch: 20 minutes from Lissenung Island, the southern end of a big reef attracts large schools of Jacks and Barracudas. Grey reef sharks are seen on almost every dive.

Helmet Reef: In the middle of Steffen Strait, the main shipping entrance into Kavieng, lies this little reef. Covered with big fans and sponges you will see big Mackerels and reef sharks. The top which comes within 7 meters to the surface is covered with beautiful hard corals.

Planet Channel: The western part of this channel is called Eagle Ray Passage, and with a strong incoming current there is a very high chance to see schooling Eagle Rays. The main channel is covered with black corals and fans and is home for Jacks, Barracudas and sharks.

Mitsubishi "Jake": This Japanese plane wreck from WW II sits upright in a depth of 10 m and is covered with corals and anemones. You also can see Pipefish and Cuttlefish around it. Situated in the lagoon between New Hanover and the Tsoi Islands, it is a beautiful trip of 35 minutes from Lissenung Island.

Turtle Reef: This beautiful coral garden in the middle of the open sea, about 40 minutes from Lissenung, is famous for its turtles, which are attracted by a certain type of sponge. Also large pelagic are often seen.

Silver-tip Reef: One hour 15 minutes from Lissenung, just off the coast of Tsoi Island, this reef is known for its big Silver-tip sharks, which come very close to the diver. Here everyone is able to have a real close look to this fantastic creatures.

Big Fish Reef: This reef got its name, because it is sometimes visited by whale-sharks. But the real attraction are the beautiful corals and the schooling Barracudas, Jacks and Bat-fish. Ten minutes away from Tsoi Island, this reef is located in the middle of the deep ocean.

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For more information don't hesitate to contact us.

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(675) 984 25 26
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